Government, surprise move by Conte: he runs for a vacancy in the Senate



Government, surprise move by Conte: candidate for a vacancy in the Senate

Coronavirus in Italy continues to be the main topic of the government agenda. But if until recently it was from a clinical point of view, with full hospitals and many seriously ill patients, now the concentration of the Executive is entirely on how to deal with the economic crisis, the consequence of the disease. If in the first phase there was a strong unity of purpose and cohesion within the majority, now the situation has changed. The Democratic Party on the one hand rises and asks for the “Mes senza se e senza ma” and the 5 stars remain opposed. In addition, there is Renzi and his Italia Viva that launch continuous signs of impatience. Here, surprisingly, a decision by Premier Giuseppe Conte could strengthen the Executive: candidate for the Senate.

There is a date – reads on Repubblica – that must be set in the virtual calendar of politics: November 8, 2020. By that day, an election will be held which has so far remained confined to the perimeter of anonymity. Yet it could become crucial. For the government and for the future structures of the party system. Indeed, that is the ultimate limit for supplementary work in a Senate college which remained vacantand for the premature death of a senator from the 5Stelle Movement, Vittoria Bogo Deledda. In the center left and at Palazzo Chigi, a few days ago they started to leaf through the shortlist. And one of the petals bears the name of Giuseppe Conte. The premier has not yet decided whether to really rush to win a seat in Palazzo Madama. But it is a temptation. Which takes effect in light of the difficulties that grow within its majority day by day.

If the senatorial race were interpreted as the first experiment of a new electoral coalition, Conte – continues Repubblica – could be at national level the first “Giallorossi” candidate. A sort of laboratory of the Pd-M5S fusion. In the specific case, it would also become the fulcrum of the next election campaign for the regional ones.

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