Gorlago crime, sentenced to 30 years Chiara Alessandri: killed the wife of her former lover


The husband of the murdered woman, Stefano Del Bello, had recognized the corpse, found in Erbusco, thanks to the faith in which the names and date of the wedding were engraved. The man, after reading the sentence, commented: “I was expecting life imprisonment”.

“It remains a huge tragedy, from the procedural point of view the real intentions of my client emerged which were not to brutally kill the victim – explained the lawyer Gianfranco Ceci, Chiara Alessandri’s lawyer -. From the procedural point of view it was a success, because the judge deemed the crime of destruction of the corpse to be absorbed by the crime of murder. Chiara Alessandri is dazed, but aware of what he has done“.

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