Gori attacks Lombardy on data of coronavirus deaths


“I read that in Lombardy yesterday there were 32 deaths for Covid. However, it is not known where, in which province, because the Region no longer communicates the divided data”: the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori attacks the Lombardy Region led by Attilio Fontana on reporting coronavirus death data.



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“Since we reported that the real deaths were many more than the” official “deaths, they have secreted the data by province,” writes Mayor Gori in a tweet. And he adds: “Not even the data on the healed are more communicated, and yes they would be important to understand that today there are few sick people. I hope the new Health DG Marco Trivelli start from here, from the data and from the transparency “, he says referring to the new Director General of Health appointed by Fontana to replace Luigi Cajazzo.



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Gori is followed by the deputy Pd (also from Bergamo) Maurizio Martina: “I agree with the request of the mayor Gori, the Lombardy Region provide with great transparency the data of the deaths and the recovered for each territory in a precise way”, he writes on Twitter.The Region replies with a note: “What the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori writes does not correspond to the truth and is devoid of any foundation. The dissemination of data relating to the Coronavirus by the Lombardy Region to the health authorities and to the media is not it has changed and continues to be the same: to support, to fuel the political controversy and without any truthful feedback, that the Region ‘secreted’ the data does not honor those who represent the institutions “.

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