Google ready for the launch of “Sabrina”, the new media player with Android TV


Google plans to push its Android multimedia platform
TV through the launch, by the summer, of a new media player
which will probably go alongside the range of devices

“Sabrina”, Google’s new media player for streaming

“Sabrina” is the temporary name of the new multimedia device branded Google that
foresees as the first novelty a multifunction remote control in combination, already registered in early March by the company as Google Remote. The use of the TV dongle will therefore be completely
independent of the smartphone, differing substantially from the Chromecast experience.

Source: XDA Developers

Based on rendering
published by XDA Developers, the device will have an oval shape, can be connected to the TV via HDMI
and will be available in white, black and pink.

In addition to
classic function keys, the supplied remote control has a
sort of click wheel, useful when navigating between
content. Also integrated an IR sensor, a microphone and the button that
call Google’s assistant
to allow the use of
voice commands. It cannot be excluded that Google decides to market
the product as part of the Google Nest device family.

Source: XDA Developers

According to
information leaked, Sabrina will have an Amlogic SoC on board and will be
compatible with Dolby Vision content. Still early to define the sale price to the public, which according to
initial estimates should not however exceed $ 79.

Android TV changes its face

Google has thought
also to a renewal of the Android TV interface, in sight
the launch of the new device dedicated to streaming. The current
version focuses on apps and shows available content
divided according to the selected service, suggesting to end the
vision of the titles left in half.

Source: XDA Developers

The new interface will lay
instead more attention to the contents, shown according to
user preferences, regardless of the streaming service.
The sections will be divided into: For You, Live, Film, Show, App and
Library. In particular, the platforms that broadcast live programs including YouTube will flow into the Live section.
Big work
on the integration of Google Assistant which will show the results
of the search in a dedicated screen. Android TV will allow
and finally manage Google Nest cameras, allowing you to receive notifications directly on your TV.

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