Google Photos definitive stop to photos downloaded from WhatsApp


Google Photos was born five years ago and was designed especially for users who needed a safe and easy-to-use space in which to store videos and photographs taken from their smartphone or sent via messaging app.

Thus, the Mountain View giant had given users the opportunity to transfer automatically on the cloud space connected to Google Photos the contents arrived on Whatsapp and other instant messaging applications. Over the years, the habit of exchanging photos, videos and other documents online has increased significantly. During the pandemic, the exchange was so thick that Google Photos has risked collapsing. This prompted the company to block the automatic backup. The decision is part of a renewal of functions and aesthetics that will affect the application in the coming months.

Google Photos: because there is a stop to automatic backup

As many have noted, Google Photos in recent days it is introducing new features, but one will have very important consequences: automatic synchronization between the app and images from Whatsapp and other messaging apps.

The reason is related to the pandemic that hit the entire planet and that had an almost unexpected consequence: the amount of messages and files exchanged between users around the world has increased exorbitantly and this has almost collapsed the platform of Google cloud storage, who therefore decided to block automatic transfer of images, videos and all incoming documents of third-party applications. The update will be released in the next few hours for all Android smartphone.

Google Photos: stop automatic backup

There are many people who for save your phone memory have set up automatic transfer to the cloud storage connected to Google Photos: in fact, the platform allows you to save your images online and the operation can be performed automatically. However, saving is no longer allowed with content downloaded from messaging apps, including WhatsApp.

The option can be changed at any time to return to Previous settings. To do this you need to access Google Photos and touch the item Collection present at the bottom of the screen, and from here touch Photos on Device and then View all. Next, you need to select the folder to backup from and then tap Backup and synchronization.

How to backup to Google Photos

When the backup and sync functionality is off, you can still see all the content from the messaging apps inside the smartphone and back up the group of selected photos and videos. Of course, all files transferred before the change will not be touched. To backup in this case you must always access Collection on Google Photos and then on Photos on the device is View All. At this point just touch the folder or file to be backed up and then go up Blackberries come on Back up.

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