Google Maps, the new update drives users crazy


The browser most used by users around the world is updated by changing some functions for meet the needs of the public.

It is indeed known when Google cares about modulate its products especially based on the feedback it receives from users, which often form the basis for further improvements made to software over the years.

In addition, the new version of the platform will go to really satisfy everyone, introducing an interesting novelty that will only please the most “experienced” (it is appropriate to say it).

Google Maps updates, the user interface changes: more minimal and modern design

This time the update of Maps includes one new graphics, which makes the software more minimal and capable of being more intuitive.

From now on, the user interface will be much more streamlined and essential, so as to adapt better to that Material Design 2 as much promoted by Google as praised and appreciated by the public. Instead of the blue bar, above, one appears white – definitely more pleasant to the eye – as well as elsewhere by browsing the app.

In addition, the location sharing now it will be easier and faster thanks to a vertical retractable menu, which indicates any contacts with which to activate sharing.

Finally, it will also be possible to set a time interval within which to make one’s position available for viewing by the chosen contacts, starting from a specific hour is independently choosing the most congenial duration to sharing. A rich update, therefore, which brings with it many new features expected by users and which will be distributed in the coming weeks.

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