Google makes some of its Assistant features available to all smart devices


Giovanni Bortolan

Those of us who have smart devices related to the Google Assistant ecosystem are well aware of the many areas of use in which these tools become a real comfort. Whether it’s bulbs, speakers or thermostats, Big G is aware of the fact that most of the components of a home IoT system derive from third-party manufacturers and for this reason they are committed to keeping their compatible functions and devices up to date.

As I continue this effort, Google has announced the arrival of further innovations in the area, which can be summarized in some relevant points.

Extended support for Voice Match

Voice Match, the function that allows you to instruct the Google Assistant to recognize the interlocutor’s voice to return personalized search results is now enhanced. From now on, a maximum of 6 different voices for each individual smart speaker (or smart display).

Sensitivity of the command “Hey / Ok Google”

What often happens when you have many Google Home devices is that they recognize words other than Hey / Ok Google to then activate. This is mainly due to two factors: the first derives from the Assistant’s poor ability to distinguish the verbal formulation of the command from the tone in which it is given (and here you have a nice example). The second, however, concerns how this command is placed by the user. The modification in question focuses precisely on this last point, which now allows adjust the recognition sensitivity activation keywords.

Choose the default speaker

If you are in an environment with more than one assistive device it may be useful to have one of them default, which will respond to certain commands with precedence over others. This will allow you, for example, to play a musical content from a speaker in the living room, even if you have given the command to any other assistant. This function has been included in the device settings of the application Google Home.

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