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Google has made automatic deletion of browsing data – introduced more than a year ago – default for new users: before Wednesday 24 June the function had to be activated manually, while now it will already be active for all new users and for those who enable location history for the first time. Sundar Pichai, head of the company that controls Google and all its products, spoke about it in a post explaining how it works: for all new users, the default setting is that browsing data will be deleted after a year and a half , while previously the data remained in Google’s possession until the user deleted it.

You can also manually change the setting and choose that the data will be deleted after three months, but in any case in order to activate the function you need to have the position history active. All this is valid only for new users or for those who activate the location history for the first time: the old users who already had the location history active, however, will have to manually activate the automatic deletion of data (here), always choosing whether to keep them for a year and a half or for three months.

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This function is active on several Google products, including YouTube, where however the default data deletion setting keeps the history for 3 years before deleting it. Again you can change it manually, choosing between three months or a year and a half. Pichai wrote that the function is not active on services such as Google Drive, Google Photos and Gmail, “which are designed to safely store your content”.

Google’s announcement came shortly after that of Apple’s new iOS 14 operating systems: among the news announced there is greater protection of privacy thanks to a system that requires more transparency from app developers. Apple has a better reputation than other major tech companies in terms of privacy protection, and all of them, including Google, are trying to make the user experience more secure.
How he writes VoxHowever, the data available to Google contribute significantly to its revenues, through the advertisements that Google can personalize thanks to the personal data of hundreds of millions of users. This could make Google’s effort less effective, especially since the new default introduced by Wednesday will affect only a part of the users who use Google and its services daily.
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