Google Chrome bans the blacklist and whitelist terms for being more inclusive and less racist –


What we are experiencing are important weeks for the fight against racism: the main events concern American protests, but forms of remote support come from all over the world. It will also be for these reasons that Google Chrome has decided to ban the terms blacklist and whitelist.

The goal is to make the most used web browser in the world (have you already taken a look at the list of the most used web browsers of 2020?) The most inclusive possible. The use of blacklist and whitelist terms would be, according to the company, a somewhat racist form: in fact the user would associate black with the concept of “error / wrong / bad” and white with that of “right / appreciable / good”. So Mountain View will look for a more “neutral” way, and the new terms adopted, for now generically, will also be neutral replaced with blocklist and allowlist.

It may seem like a move aimed at politically correct, but it is true that a similar change had been announced by Google since May 2018: protests in the USA have simply accelerated the replacement process. Over the next few months over 2000 references to blacklists and whitelists present in the programming code of the web browser will be definitively replaced, and the same should happen for the main menus and for the user interface.

This is just another demonstration of how much, recently, BlackLivesMatter and the protests of the United States are influencing the rest of the world, probably as it should be: racism must be fought, always and in all its forms. Although all of this will force Epic Games to postpone the launch of Season 3 of Fortnite.

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