goodbye debts, the grave amnesty arrives


tax collector-farewell

Precisely these days there is a political debate to develop a maxi tax reform that provides for the elimination of almost 400 billion of tax collection files. The need to reduce the costs of the imposing machine called Fisco makes it necessary to streamline the debts considered bad debt. For this reason, thousands of tax collection records referable to old debts of citizens and businesses are heading towards a grave amnesty.

The UDC and the deputy for Ars Eleonora Lo Curto are working on the proposal, which they see in the hypothesis of one tax excerpt bad debt, the solution to restart the country. For the rest, the government has been working for some time on a reform that will strengthen tax revenues in a moment of strong need for state liquidity, protecting it from evasion and money laundering.

Grave amnesty: why is the tax authorities moving towards fiscal peace?

The proposal, which started with some political factions, is also supported by the Inland Revenue which sees in the tax amnesty a reduction in the charges necessary for tax assessments. Checks that over time have met taxpayers who are unable to pay the amount due for tax purposes, transforming the de facto bad debts. Given in hand, the Revenue Agency has a credit balance of 950 billion about 400 billion of which are considered irrecoverable. This uncollectability is linked to the conditions of the debtors, among whom are nullitenenti, deceased or holders of failed activities.

Compared to them, the grave amnesty would serve to dispose of the state budget by canceling the previous roles that in no way would be paid. The hypothesis of a fiscal peace is then framed in the wider government will already expressed in the Relaunch Decree. Restarting the economy after the heavy health crisis caused by the pandemic that hit all sectors of the country would also be possible thanks to the grave amnesty. A real breath of fresh air for those who want to get back into the game by financially relaunching Italy.

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