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Godfall could not miss in this review of games coming to PS5, since it is, in fact, the first game ever announced on the new Sony console, which is therefore back to show itself on this occasion with a new trailer it’s a exit period.

Godfall will therefore be a launch game for SS5, considering that its release is scheduled for autumn 2020, or in the period in which the next gen Sony should reach stores. Published by Gearbox and developed by Counterplay Games, Godfall is an action RPG based on short-range combat, which seems to have something to do with the soulslike sub-genre.

We already know various things about Godfall, which we initially collected in the special on what we know about the first PS5 title, but the knowledge then deepened with new information that arrived in April. In any case, the new trailer only reiterates what we more or less know, which is that it is a action RPG very focused on the melee style combat system.

A rather peculiar feature of Godfall is the style of thesetting: the game shows itself as a particular mixture of fantasy and science fiction elements, with mighty warriors equipped with showy armor and flashy weapons, all topped with metal and profusion of light effects, as we see in this new trailer coming from the PS5 presentation this evening.

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