Godfall is shown in a new 4K gameplay video on PS5


Predictably, the first game to be announced for PlayStation 5, Godfall, is back to show itself at this evening’s Sony event with a short gameplay movie.

The video, published in 4K resolution, allows us to take a look at the gameplay of the third-person action in development at Gearbox. In addition to showing off their sparkling armor, warriors are also able to use different types of weapons: in the movie we can see characters armed with swords and shields, double blades, halberds and whoever has more. At some point a sort of special power is also shown through which one of the warriors summons “magical” daggers that can be thrown at opponents. We remind you that the game should have a structure that is very reminiscent of Destiny, with a series of PvE activities that can be played alone or in the company of other online players.

Before leaving you to the shimmering movie of the Gearbox title, we remind you that it should be one of the launch games of PlayStation 5, a platform on which it will arrive later this year. The title should also arrive simultaneously on PC (through the Epic Games Store) and, at least at the moment, there is no news of a possible Xbox Series X version.

Speaking of ads, have you already seen the definitive design of PlayStation 5?

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