GM could challenge Ferrari with mid-engine Cadillac – Trials and News


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There is one thing that all car manufacturers in the world envy Ferrari, the ability to earn on average for each car sold $ 86,000, a figure light years away from what remains in the boxes of the giants of the sector after delivering to the customer one of their models. Therefore, it is logical that General Motors also looks with interest to this industrial and commercial scheme, taking advantage of the only premium-luxury brand it owns, that of Cadillac.

As stated by the specialized website GmAuthority, ‘close’ to the Detroit house, one of the hypotheses under study is a variant of the recent mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette C8 revised in aesthetics, mechanics and overall quality in order to position this model in a range highest in the sports segment and competing not only with Ferrari but also with the various Porsches, McLaren and Maserati. Just GmAuthority has tried to imagine with its rendering what could be the appearance of this car of which – it must be reiterated – there is currently no prototype, but only the opportunity to exploit a project successfully developed within General Motors to increase the positioning of the Corvette and, in general, of the Group’s sports cars. For years, the ‘top’ brand of GM has been active in the high (and performing) part of the luxury market, not only with the various sports editions of the series models but also with interesting concepts – such as the 2002 Cien mid-engine berlinetta, which has become also the protagonist of the GT4 video game, or the Converj of 2009 – and above all of an intense activity in the competitions of the IMSA and LeMans series, with the latest DPi-VR that has nothing to envy to the best track sports cars built in Europe.


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