gives over 20 points to Conte and Mattarella – Libero Quotidiano


Luca Zaia crowned by Winpoll survey for The sun 24 hours. The governor of Veneto is the most appreciated political figure by the Italians for the management of the crisis derived from the coronavirus. The 54% of the interviewees expressed their appreciation for Zaia, who is the undisputed leader of this special ranking: in second place there is Giuseppe Conte, which however is more than 20 points apart. The premier is in fact appreciated by 32% of Italians, practically half of the almost Bulgarian percentages who accompanied him during the lockdown phase and the conferences on live TV.

Then on equal merit to 29% is revealed a very interesting trio, formed by Sergio Mattarella, Giorgia Meloni and Stefano Bonaccini. The latter is the second governor among the top five most welcome politicians: a non-accidental fact, which could have repercussions on the parties to which they belong. But if Zaia has sworn not to have Roman aims, the speech for Bonaccini could be different, which for sure would be the lifeblood for a frozen Pd or, more brutally, irrelevant in the real country: Nicola Zingaretti it is barely appreciated by 8% of Italians. It is even worse for Luigi Di Maio (7%), while Matteo Salvini sails in the middle of the standings with a 21% not really exciting.

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