Giuseppe Conte: “The Autostrade case must be closed immediately”


“At the moment I don’t have an acceptable solution on my table.” Thus, Prime Minister Conte at a press conference to conclude the States General answers a question from HuffPost. The case, however, has kept to clarify, it must be closed immediately.

“We are not closed, but open”. Thus begins the final press conference of the General States. The premier speaks from villa Pamphili and, telling the work of these days, sends a hug to Alex Zanardi, the champion who is still fighting after a bad accident.

“We must reinvent the country,” said the prime minister. “This dialogue strengthens us, strengthens me and all ministers. It strengthens us in the objectives, in the lines of intervention on which we want to act, “he explained again.

Among the points to restart is the high speed: “We cannot take four hours to go from Rome to Pescara,” he said. And the progressive farewell to cash.

In the afternoon, meeting some citizens, he spoke about the value added tax: “We are discussing a little bit about VAT these days because retouching VAT, lowering it a little could give a boost to the recovery in consumption: it is a fact of trust”. At the press conference, he specified that a decision has not yet been made.

“The government’s plan to review the abuse of office, tax liability, is strongly shared,” he continued. And again: “We must give impetus to the reduction of the tax wedge with a benefit for workers: we had already prepared a measure in July. It is a right direction that we must pursue ”

“The world’s largest CO2 capture and storage center will be born in Ravenna,” he said.

A reference then to the gender issue. The government thinks, said the premier, of “a voucher for women managers”.

The oppositions have deserted the general states, but the prime minister still intends to meet them. Separately. “The forces of the center-right have not accepted my first invitation, I will come back to propose a new opportunity for discussion. I think it is better to meet with each force to have greater tranquility with a dedicated space “. Carroccio’s response was immediate: “Conte announces that he wants to invite the center-right separately? The center-right is united and there is no need to waste time. The government calls the coalition. If Conte’s intentions are finally serious, the center-right will present itself as it happened in the past, “explain League sources.

The simplification decree, he assured, will be at the next Council of Ministers.

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