Giuseppe Conte, surprised and in the dark by letter from Nicola Zingaretti on the Mes to Corriere della Sera – Libero Quotidiano


Palazzo Chigi knew nothing of the ten points on Mes by Nicola Zingaretti, written in a letter to Corriere della Sera. The majority is therefore on the States-saving fund is still split and the ditch between Pd and M5S continues to grow. So the line of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is increasingly to avoid a vote in the classroom on Mes between now and mid-month, until at least until September, because the prime minister had many doubts about the instrument, of course. But above all for a fact of which they are perfectly aware at Palazzo Chigi: there are no numbers in Parliament to approve the States-saving fund.

Disappointment also for Zingaretti’s behavior, he writes Marco Travaglio on the Everyday occurrence, on the letter to the Corriere, “It seems that he did not even bother to warn the premier, who had just reiterated the concerns not so much on the instrument itself, but on the convenience of asking us alone. And he had explained that it is better to wait for the moves of the other EU partners, in order not to remain isolated to stretch their hats like beggars to hunger. Yes, because the MES is made especially for countries in the state prefallimentare: those who ask admit not to do it alone and give a bad signal to the famous “markets”.

The intention of Palazzo Chigi is to get Parliament to vote on a document focused on the Recovery Fund in view of the European Council on 17 and 18 July, where the bailout fund should not be mentioned. But who knows if i dem they will accept the compromise. While it is obvious that the oppositions will present motions of disturbance on the Mes, to provoke leaks in the majority. Pending today, yet another summit of the Giallorossi is planned, focused on the simplification dl.

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