Giuseppe Conte does not deny his list even after the polls, doubts in the Pd – Libero Quotidiano


The Pd after a year of very peaceful coexistence with the premier, Giuseppe Conte, for weeks accused of the symptoms of discomfort towards the Prime Minister. The writes the Print who points out that the dems are worried about the trend of the polls of the most important institutions that have given the party a drop since the crisis began COVID-19. And, even more worried at the Nazarene, I know it was when the survey was released three days ago Quorum / Youtrend, who tested a futuristic Count List, attributing even 14.3%, which obviously would remove voters from the Democratic Party (which would drop to 16.5%) and the Five stars (9.7%).

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They were thus displaced by the survey itself: a List that does not exist but that is already being probed. And above all, the hypothesis of a list was not unofficially denied even by the Prime Minister. Count One is reproached fall of style in the failure to announce on General states. Though Nicola Zingaretti, secretary of the Democratic Party, made it clear that he had no intention of bringing down the government. “No opposition because this coalition is the only one that can be together, I see no alternative”.

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