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To want to dry the concepts, the juice of the double disclosure to the House and Senate by Giuseppe Conte proved to be an appeal to unity aimed not only at the oppositions – the League also left the classroom in protest, just to make people understand immediately the antiphon, the parliamentarians of Fratelli d’Italia have not even entered, but not Forza Italia which remains on the benches – but also to the European partners. Beyond the States General, the controversy over the location of Villa Pamphili, on aperitifs and brocades, the premier wanted to make it clear that, if the concept of (re) making Europe may seem excessive, the EU Council will be thrown away on Friday the basis for post-Covid reconstruction. In the United States they pompously call it “reboot”. “It is time to act in full cohesion to prevent Italy from losing a double challenge: the European one and the perhaps more difficult one to reform some critical issues”, also the emotional narrative of the Prime Minister.

Conte would like not to have to look at the national feuds to be able to play his international match, in Brussels, where almost nobody loves us. The dream book, to smell the air that pulls. “We need to reach consensus on Next Generation as soon as possible, a late decision would be a failure,” Italy’s polar star. But on the Recovery Fund “the positions are still far apart”, recalls the Head of the government, thinking of Holland, Austria, Denmark, in short, to all those countries that do not want to give gifts to anyone and that, at best, would accept the idea of ​​a loan to be repaid by post. Conte took credit for proposing and pursuing the idea of ​​the fund when they accused us “of being visionaries”, but he basically kept a low profile. It only came on when it had to and wanted to emphasize that a closure on Next Generation would mean undermining “the recovery of the countries most affected by the crisis”. That is, of Italy. Fears, Conte, a “downward compromise”, but the fact remains that as soon as the resources are available and the framework will be defined within its perimeter, the government will go to the chambers to collect proposals and suggestions: Friday’s meeting “will have only one nature consultative to bring out convergences and dissensions. Before a final agreement, I will be in Parliament to ask for your vote in light of Italy’s formal proposal. ” In essence, Europe’s money “will not be managed like a treasury”.

But it is precisely on the question of proposals and suggestions that the opposition has transformed the double session into a fierce contradictory. The leitmotiv is that in recent months nothing of what has been suggested by the League, Brothers of Italy and Forza Italia has been reflected. «We leave her alone with her chatter», the blade stroke of Francesco Lollobrigida, lieutenant of Giorgia Meloni. “You conjugate verbs to the future but the future is now”, the emphasis of the force majeure Anna Maria Bernini. And Salvini? A controversy with Renzi (“I have heard surreal interventions, the problem is not the cig that does not arrive but Trump and sovereignty”) and a blow to China (“They infected us and we buy their scooters”), before going wild with the proposals: embrace the Genoa model, delete 8 million tax collection files, copy the French on tourism and Germany on cash payments. Friday is near, Conte said that Italians cannot be disappointed and that the government works “above all for one thing: Italy’s trust”. A lot of stuff.

In the closing press conference of the Villa Pamphili day, the premier said he was “disoriented” by the opposition. “Today they surprised me, I’m actually a little confused. I invited them here, to this place of high government representation and it was said that it was not going well, that it was not institutional. Then they told me ‘come to Parliament’ and today they left “, without going into the criticisms of the opposition.

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