Giulia Medea Oriani, the nurse who took Covid writes to the conspiracy theorists: “Damn you, here are the medicines I took”


I would like to look them in the face of all those who have filled me with insults on social media for telling my experience as a Covid-19 patient and I would not do it to answer them for the rhymes but to talk: copy and paste from sites easy while expressing and argue their opinions in person. Nurse Giulia Medea Oriani, 30 years old, lives and works in Milan and has been positive for Coronavirus for 21 days. Then, for another 58, he fought a thrombosis probably triggered by the virus. He told his ordeal through a long post on his Facebook profile that accompanied by an eloquent photo with boxes of medicines and syringes used for treatment. An outburst that had over sixteen thousand reactions, almost three thousand comments and over nine thousand shares.

The dedication

I dedicate it to you damned conspiracy theorists, who claim that the virus does not exist, that it was created to make money for Bill Gates, that they are lying to you and the situation is not as bad as it seems, that you don’t want to wear a mask because dying of hypercapnia (which you don’t even know what it is), that you crowd in the squares because you are not afraid of a virus that only kills the old, that you claim that the virus is a problem only for those with serious and disabling diseases …. and many other whores. To you who think that nothing will ever happen to you, I dedicate the photo of the therapy that I have had to take in the last two months and that I will continue to take for how long. The thirty-year-old still shaken by so much hatred. I would take them all to visit an intensive care unit, I would put them face to face with the hospitalized patients and let them talk to them – Giulia says to Courier service – or I would have them watch a video call with their crying children because they don’t know if they will ever see their parents again. Perhaps it would be enough just to talk to those who have been extubated and ask for psychological help to overcome the trauma of intubation.

The surprise

The post gave rise to a wave of insults that the nurse did not expect. I could not imagine it even if I know of many colleagues targeted during the pandemic – he continues – and to say that for passion I have been writing for a long time but nothing like this had ever happened to me. I think I touched on extremely hot issues, teasing the anger of the conspiracy theorists I lashed out against. They even gave me fake and, of course, certainly reading certain comments for a person who has a post traumatic stress disorder, can be devastating but I recognize ignorance and keep going: I hope they feel ashamed. Not everyone, however, insulted her. Many patients saw each other in my words, they felt represented by my story – he argues – also because they felt abandoned during the Coronavirus, even among my patients. My stay at home was tough but I can say that I was followed optimally.

The infection and the ordeal

Giulia contracted the virus in March: During the first few days, in the bad luck, I thought I had “emptied” her with a little fever, some muscle pain, mild respiratory difficulties and resolved in a few days and I went to the hospital only for a bronchospasm and in all my 21-day positivity. More than the canonical 14 days as happened to many patients such as, for example, Alessandro Politi of the TV program Le iene but, in short, nothing to worry about. It all seemed to go smoothly – recalls the nurse – but, ten days after my negative swab, I had a strange pain in the leg, an examination on the fly and a cold shower of the diagnosis: deep vein thrombosis which, as I told in the post , it meant that despite being 30 years old, my blood coagulates like that of a bedridden old man. From there, an ordeal: I was seen by vascular and general surgeons, hematologist, psychiatrist, emergency doctor and cardiologist. I have performed many instrumental tests and an infinite number of blood tests. I have also been diagnosed with sinus tachycardia and a post-traumatic stress disorder with insomnia.

I live alone

Giulia a healthcare professional and many of her colleagues have chosen to live away from the family so as not to contract the virus but for many it was not enough. Initially I reacted as a health professional but then I got angry at myself for having taken him and for not being able to help in the hospital anymore – he says – and he was terribly distressing. I live alone and I was really afraid of dying, of never being able to embrace my loved ones again and of never being able to go back to doing my job as before – he explains – and on my own initiative I took anxiolytics to counteract the effect of tachycardia but then the doctors told me that anxiety was not the cause and then I continued to take them only at night to sleep a few hours.


Even the photo of these drugs was covered by insults: They thought it was part of the cure for coronavirus but I took them on my own because every night I wake up because of nightmares and I can’t sleep more than four hours and I am came to think that my house was becoming a prison. For this reason, in addition to the support of my parents, I turned to a psychiatrist and a psychologist because it is difficult to live with the ghost of the disease. I came to hate my house, which has become a prison for 79 days now, and then those who follow me told me to go back to writing also to distract me from the thought of death. He would never have imagined all the verbal attacks. My message was misrepresented but then – he concludes – when I realized that whatever I was trying to explain they did not listen to me, I thought about letting go. Moreover, these days, I have seen the demonstrations and the denialist theses of the orange vests and I got angry. For the rest of the conspiracy, already in my post, I dedicated every single injection that I had to do, every hematoma distributed on my body, every tablet that I have to send every day, every minute of waking in the dark, every flicker that I feel in the chest. Giulia’s battle has not ended here: I will continue to help my patients, especially those who have experienced the common trauma of this nasty virus. With all due respect to the deniers.

June 5, 2020 (change June 5, 2020 | 5:43 PM)


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