Giulia De Lellis throws an arrow at Irama? Andrea Damante comments


2Giulia De Lellis: arrow to Irama? Andrea Damante’s comment

Today a gesture of Giulia De Lellis turned on the web. The influencer, who has been back for several months now with Andrea Damante, is spending a few days of relaxation. If yesterday a photo of the Damellis, the first selfie together, had unleashed the users, who flocked in thousands to comment, now it is more to discuss. Giulia and Andrea they are taking a boat holiday and are on the island of Ponza. When posting a shot on Instagram, the De Lellis he therefore put as caption: “Mediterranean

However, many have noticed the connection with “Mediterranea“, The hit of Irama which is currently depopulating in the charts. That Giulia De Lellis threw a shot at his ex? It was precisely the doubt that sparked even more Andrea Damante, who commented on the photo with the popcorn emoji.

The couple’s followers saw us, therefore, a clear reference to the winner of Special friends. However, there are also those who have pointed out that in fact the caption relates to the Mediterranean Sea, where i Damellis they are on vacation. Neither Giulia De Lellis, neither Andrea Damantehowever, they added more. So how are things? Meanwhile, the debate continues on the web.

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