Giovanna Abate doesn’t trust and defends Gemma


The former tronista of men and women Giovanna Abate has confessed not to trust an ex suitor and takes the defense of her new friend Galgani. Because?

Giovanna Abate does not trust. The former tronista of men and women, who only twenty days ago got engaged to his suitor Sammy Hassan, which he learned to trust during the journey within Maria De Filippi’s program, instead has serious doubts about another suitor.

The admission of Giovanna Abate


One of his? No, come on Nicola Vivarelli, aka Sirius, suitor of Gemma Galgani. Starting in May Gemma and Giovanna found themselves sharing a path together: they were the animators of version 2.0 of the Canale 5 transmission.

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And on that occasion Gemma met Nicola – Sirius. For a month, the two met each other inside the television studios and sometimes even outside, outside, experiencing beautiful moments together, for the beautiful surprises that the charming “sailor” organized. Just during the recordings too Giovanna Abate had the chance to get to know Sirius a little better and she managed to get an idea about him and Gemma.

What does Giovanna di Sirius and Gemma think?

In the interview that the ex tronista of men and women has released a magazine for men and women, Giovanna declares that she does not have great confidence in Vivarelli; doubts are always there, even if a little has changed his mind as he got to see him at work in television studios.

Go on however to think that Sirius is “a shrewd boy who knows how to treat Gemma”. This leads her to not trust Nicola, but then tries to tone down the tone a little: “Let’s say I trust love if there is love it will be seen, whatever will happen”.


For its part Gem “He knows perfectly well what he risks”, underlines the former tronista.

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