Gildo Giannini, father of Prince Giuseppe and discoverer of Francesco Totti, has died


He was the father of a “prince” and had discovered the eighth “king” of Rome. He died at 82 years old Ermenegildo “Gildo” Giannini, father of the former Giallorossi midfielder Giuseppe and talent scout of Francesco Totti. An important figure for the Capitoline football, who gave up after a long illness. For about 15 years he worked with excellent results as head of the youth sector of the Giallorossi club.

Gildo Giannini, father of Beppe the ex Prince of Rome, has died

Gildo Giannini at 82 has lost his long battle against disease. A life for football that of the former manager of the youth sector of Rome, father of Giuseppe great glory of Rome (he also played with Sturm Graz, Naples and Lecce) and of the National team, as well as coach. A career lived in parallel with his son that of Gildo Giannini who left the management of the family bar to work in the world of football obtaining important results. Indeed, it was he who discovered Francesco Totti.

Who was Gildo Giannini, the discoverer of Francesco Totti

The key to the career of the former head of the Roma youth sector Gildo Giannini was to discover Francesco Totti. The father of the “prince” had heard of a very promising boy and decided to go personally to see him play at the time of Lodigiani. It was just a blitz by Giannini, now famous, endorsed by the then President Viola to convince the family of the future number 10 Giallorossi to say no to Lazio with whom there was already a principle of agreement to move to the court of Rome. And in yellow and red Totti grew in the footsteps of the son of Gildo Beppe, a true idol. In his autobiography Totti wrote about Giannini: “He always said to me ‘Until the ball enters the net, you haven’t done anything.’ He adored me because I reminded him of his son Giuseppe. The captain of Rome.”

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