‘Gf Vip 4’, Pago breaks the social silence and after the last comments of Serena Enardu publishes a laconic announcement


It is war with no holds barred between Serena Enardu is I pay. After the questions asked by Gabriele Parpiglia to Alessandro Graziani during the episode of Men and women aired this afternoon, it was the former suitor who had commented harshly on the choice to subject the tempter to “interrogation” which, according to the statements made by I pay to the weekly Who, would have had with Serena something more than a simple flirt, which would then have led to the end of his relationship with Enardu.

I have seen Serena twice and I have witnesses. It is true that I was close to her, she was a person massacred on the web. But I didn’t have a story, I never told her that I love her and she didn’t tell me. You have been slaughtering me for months on this story. The last phone call with Serena was on October 31st: she called me to end our friendship, she believed that there was no need to go on“He said Alexander after being cornered by the questions of Parpiglia.

A few hours after the Enardu outburst, which called itself ‘basita’ due to the episode of dating show in which we spoke about her, the reaction of Pacific September. With a Instagram Stories, I pay announced:

I will speak soon. Trust me. Pacific, always. Almost always.

What other revelations will it hold for us I pay in the next days? What do you think of this reaction from the ex gieffino?

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