German prosecutors warn the family: “Maddie is dead” – La Stampa


German prosecutors wrote to Madeleine McCann’s parents telling them they had “concrete evidence” of her death. The Daily Mail writes, explaining that the circumstances of the death have not been revealed in order not to jeopardize the investigation by the prosecutor Hans Christian Wolters on the main suspect: Christian Brueckner. “I understand the parents but if we reveal more details we can compromise the investigation,” said Wolters, “we cannot say why she died because it is more important to nail the culprit than to put our cards on the table explaining to them why we think it is” . Little Madeleine passed away in 2007 in Portugal at the age of 3. “This is a non-missing person murder case,” said prosecutor Wolters.

Case Maddie McCann, there is a new suspect

The letter sent by German prosecutors to Maddie’s parents, Kate and Gerry McCann, represents the first official communication to the family about the death. According to reports from The Mirror, Kate and Gerry asked to see evidence of the death. Using telephone records, German police located 43-year-old Brueckner near the location where Maddie disappeared in 2007, in Praia da Luz, Portugal.

German prosecutor Maddie McCann: “The suspect was convicted of child sexual abuse”

The homicidal suspect is also investigated in the case of Joana, who disappeared at 8 years of age in 2004, 8 kilometers from Praia da Luz. He is suspected of kidnapping a German girl, Inga, in 2015. Brueckner was sentenced to two years in prison for sexual abuse of a girl at the age of 17. He was arrested in 2018 in Italy with an international arrest warrant for the rape of a tourist in the Algarve, right where Maddie disappeared.

As the disappearance of Maddie McCann it became a “case” until it became a series

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