George Floyd, protests in the USA: three killed in clashes in Kentucky and Iowa. Curfew in 40 cities and National Guard mobilized in 26 states. White House under siege, 50 agents injured. Over 4 thousand arrests


Sixth day of protests in the United States after the murder of George Floyd, the 46-year-old African American stifled by the agent Derek Chauvin and three other colleagues a Minneapolis. A man a Louisville, Kentucky, and two other people a Davenport, Iowa, were killed during the clashes (6 victims since the beginning) and overall since May 26 over 4,000 people have been arrested in around 20 cities, including over 500 in Los Angeles and 250 y New York. Among them there is also Chiara de Blasio, the 25 year old daughter of the mayor of New York, stopped by the agents on Saturday night because she refused to leave a street in Manhattan cleared of agents. The girl was subsequently brought to trial and released. “I am proud of you and that he cares so much that he is willing to go out there and do something about it, “commented the first citizen. At least 40 cities they imposed the curfew and I’m 26 American states who activated the National Guard, including the capital, Washington, according to what reported by CNN.

Also last night there were clashes in front of the White House and Friday evening, writes the New York Times, Secret Service agents brought Donald Trump in an underground bunker in the presidential residence for almost an hour with his wife Melania and to the son Barron when the protest ignited in front of the building. And the president does not abandon the line of firmness against protesters by asking the governors of American states to use the iron fist to stop the violence: speaking by videoconference, Trump invited them to become “harder”. “Many of you are weak – said the president, quoted by the American media – You have to arrest people “.

On the last night of protests about fifty agents of the Secret Service were injured and several monuments of Washington have also been scarred with writings on the National Mall. Over 40 cities have enacted curfews and have also joined the list Philadelphia – where there were clashes with the police during the night – and Washington, where the mayor Muriel Bowser he also mobilized the national guard in support of the metropolitan police.

Solidarity of agents – Viral videos that you give New York to Washington immortalize some senior executives of police and agents who joined the demonstrators in solidarity while ad Atlanta two policemen were fired for excessive use of force by the African American mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms: in a video the two approach the car in which two boys are found, break the driver’s window and pick them up violently after blocking them with a tasers.

A dead man in Kentucky – A man was killed in Louisville around midnight, an hour after the curfew was imposed in the city after several nights of protest. According to a first reconstruction, the local police officers and those of the National Guard they were trying to disperse a rally in a parking lot outside a grocery store when someone shot them. At that point, the agents they responded to the fire killing a man. The police chief of Louisville, Steve Conrad, told local media that several people were heard about the incident and that more information will be provided later in the day.

The process and the solidarity of the agents towards Floyd – The former police officer Derek Chauvin, taken in a video while stopping with one knee George Floyd preventing him from breathing until he died, he was due to appear in court today, but the hearing was postponed to June 8. Chauvin, 44, was indicted on third degree murder and of manslaughter second degree. According to the law of Minnesota, there is talk of third degree murder when the death of a person is provoked “perpetrating a highly dangerous act for others and highlighting a mind depraved“, With no regard for life and no intention of killing. For manslaughter of second degree, however, the Minnesota means when a person “knowingly risks causing death or serious physical harm to another”. But Floyd’s family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, to Cbs he explained that he did not share the manslaughter charge against the agent Derek Chauvin and speaks of “premeditated murder”.

Meanwhile for the Minneapolis police chief, Medaria Arradondo, all 4 policemen involved in the Floyd case have “the same responsibilities”. “Floyd died in our hands and I consider this to be accomplices“She said CNN responding to the victim’s family members. “Silence is lack of action, is being accomplices – he added -. If only there had been a voice … that’s what I was hoping for “. The four policemen were fired Tuesday. For Arradondo the case Floyd it is a “violation of humanity”. The police chief of Houston, Art Acevedo, expressing solidarity with the family members of Floyd, who will be buried at Houston, asked to escort escort George’s coffin on his ‘return home’. “We want to be sure – he said – that the family is safe, that the transfer be sure and above all we want to be sure that the family knows that we are here for them, to support them “.

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