George Floyd, from St. Paul to Turin: the demolitions and soiling of the statues of the “racists” continue


Statesmen, explorers and even royalty. All united by the accusations that are made against them: of being gods racist, slavers or colonizers. After the demolition of the statue of Edward Colston, merchant-philanthropist of Bristol enriched in the 1600s also with the slave trade, at the height of one of the movement’s anti-racist demonstrations Black Lives Matter in UK, the effigies of historical figures all over the world continue to fall or be soiled.

One of those most targeted in some American cities is that of Christopher Columbus. After Boston is Richmond, touched the monument erected in Saint Paul, in Minnesota, being shot down by protesters. You can see it in a video of a local television in which the people who took to the streets pulled the statue to the ground with ropes, exactly as happened in the English city a few days before.

And in Miami seven people have been arrested on charges of having vandalized a statue of Columbus and Juan Ponce de Leon, according to city police, explaining that the arrests took place on Wednesday after a moment of tension between anti-racist demonstrators and law enforcement officials. Also in Miami, demonstrators used colored paint on the statues of the two explorers in Bayfront Park, to write ‘George Floyd’ and ‘BLM’, the acronym for the Black Lives Matter movement. There is “zero tolerance for those who hide behind peaceful demonstrators to incite riots, damage property, hit ordinary people or officers,” said the police.

During the protests some demonstrators had blocked police cars, according to media reports, while a video of the Miami Herald showed the agents getting out of the vehicles and immobilize a demonstrator on the ground, while others push the crowd away. “We have been peaceful all week and now you come here and put an end to peace,” says a demonstrator to the agents. Another told the media that the police “came out of nowhere and started.” beat the participants“. The demonstration, reported theHerald, was organized to remember an 18 year old, Israel Reefa Hernandez, who died after the police used a ‘stun gun’ against him in 2013 tasers.

Already in recent days, activists had threatened to bring down the statue of the Italian navigator, considered responsible with the discovery of America for having started the European colonization of the continent with the consequent genocide of native populations. The governor Tim Walz he also intervened saying that they should not be accused of “political correctness“Minority criticisms of the statue:” They are historical suffering which lead to what we saw with George Floyd when anger comes out, “said the Democrat.

But similar episodes have also occurred in Italy. TO turin the statue of Vittorio Emanuele II, action claimed on Facebook by Turin Self-Organized Students Group (Ksa) who showing the photo of the scarred monument write: “Turin as Bristol. When the city council of Turin is outraged by a black slap on the statue of a colonialist of m… we answer that this statue it is not our cultural heritage“.

And in Bristol, meanwhile, the statue of Colston was thrown out of the city harbor, where the statue of Colston had been thrown after the demolition. Recovery, reports the BBC, was officially ordered by the municipal authorities for navigation safety issues. It is not yet clear, however, where it will be taken now, but it is excluded that for the moment you will return to its place. The Mayor of Bristol, Marvin ReesLabor and black, although without justifying its illegal killing, had made it known in recent days not to miss the monument on the pedestal.

Meanwhile a Poole, in English Dorset, a statue dedicated to Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the scout movement and placed in the crosshair of activists for biographical revelations about his alleged racist ideas and sympathies for Adolf Hitler. “History must not be hidden, we have to deal with our past to learn from it, “he commented to BBC the teacher Louise Richardson, rector of the university of Oxford, in reference to another appeal for the demolition of a monument dedicated by the same university to Cecil Rhodes, benefactor of the illustrious university and protagonist of theVictorian imperialism in Southern Africa judged by many to be a precursor toapartheid. But the famous names that have been targeted by British protesters are also others, such as Oliver Cromwell, which carried out a harsh persecution of the Irish, or how William Gladstone, celebrated liberal prime minister involved in the slave trade.

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