George Floyd: ‘Death by asphyxiation, it is murder’. #BlackOutTuesday and Chelsea with Humans’ H, all the messages of football | First page


George Floyd died of asphyxiation“The autopsy requested by the 46-year-old African American family and, subsequently, the coroner who carried out the official one, shed light on the causes of the death. Hennepin (Minneapolis) who performed the official autopsy claimed that the death was due to “a cardiac arrest caused by the pressure exerted on his neck “by the policemen who had stopped him and therefore it was a” murder “, scenario excluded from a preliminary report. While violent protests and the president continue in the United States Donald Trump threatens to mobilize the army against demonstrators, the world unites in a single cry to support the movement: Black Lives Matter.From Lewis Hamilton to LeBron James, by Tiger Woods to Floyd Mayweather (the boxer will pay for George Floyd’s funeral), many sports characters who have moved to support the protest movement and fight against racism. And football has also joined this battle, players who have dedicated goals to George Floyd as Sancho is Thuram, or by taking part in the hashtag en masse #Blackouttuesday: black images on social networks to raise awareness and not ignore a social scourge that plagues the world again in 2020. Dybala is Bernardeschi, but also entire football clubs lined up in this fight, such as the Chelsea that before training he knelt forming the H of ‘humans’ (photo published by the Blues on social networks): “We are all human, united we are stronger”.

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