George Floyd, coronavirus – Live coverage. Floyd, the autopsy: he had the coronavirus, he was asymptomatic. Barack Obama speaks: this crisis has never seen the United States awaken. Killed by mistake young man protesting in San Francisco on Monday, 90 arrests in New York but no looting. The White House compares Trump to Churchill


George Floyd had the coronavirus: “It was asymptomatic”, is the report that emerged from the autopsy. Meanwhile, the wave of protests continues in America his death: after the clashes and the victims of the past few days, the demonstrations are mostly peaceful, although there have been more than 90 arrests tonight in New York but no looting. Anger and outrage remain over the way the 46-year-old African American died, crushed with his knee on the neck by the white policeman Derek Chauvin. Just as the level of alarm remains high at the political level, for the choices of the American President Donald Trump, who tonight the White House spokeswoman compared to Winston Churchill. Also during the Italian night, the former US president also spoke Barack Obama: «This crisis never seen must be used to awaken the nation»; the others in Minneapolis three former agents involved in Floyd’s arrest they reached Chauvin in prison, already indicted for voluntary murder. The US Senate is preparing to introduce this week a law that forbids the police to use squeeze in the case of an arrest. And now the police report that a demonstrator was mistakenly killed in Monday’s San Francisco protest: the agent had traded a hammer for a gun. Here is the chronicle of this American evening.

05.50 am – New York: more than 90 arrests but no looting
Some ninety people were arrested tonight in New York during protests over the death of George Floyd. Local police said so, stating that the demonstrations were relatively calm and without looting. 280 demonstrators were arrested Tuesday night.

05.35 am – Trump replies on Twitter to his former secretary of defense: an honor to have fired him
United States President Donald Trump replied via Twitter to his former defense secretary, James Mattis, who a few hours earlier had accused him of “mocking the Constitution” for threatening to appeal to the army against street violence followed to the killing of African American George Floyd: «The only thing we probably have in common is Barack Obama and the honor of firing Jim Mattis, the most overrated general in the world. I asked for his resignation letter and felt great about it, “Trump wrote, referring to Mattis’s farewell in 2018 for openly siding against the president’s decision to withdraw US forces from Syria. “I’m glad he’s gone!” Trump tweeted again.

05.07 – San Francisco, a young man killed by mistake during protests
The agent who killed a young man in San Francisco on Monday in protests over George Floyd’s death had mistaken his hammer for a gun. The police reported it. When a patrol intervened for a looting in a supermarket, Sean Monterrosa, a 22 year old resident of the Californian city had knelt on the ground keeping his hands alive and had a hammer in his sweatshirt pocket. An agent, thinking it was a weapon, fired five shots killing the boy.

04.51 – Autopsy Floyd: had coronavirus, was asymptomatic
George Floyd, the African American who died suffocated by a police officer in Minneapolis, had Covid-19 but was asymptomatic. It is one of the details that emerges from the official autopsy.

04.06 – The former president Carter: enough with discrimination and iniquity
“We are dismayed by the tragic racial injustices”: afterwards George W. Bush on the death of George Floyd ex Democratic President Jimmy Carter also takes the field, in a note signed with his wife Rosalynn: «We are wholeheartedly with the families of the victims and with all those who feel desperate in the face of the omnipresent racial discrimination and pure and simple cruelty – writes the former presidential couple -. People in positions of power, privilege and moral conscience must resist and say “enough” to a police and a judicial system that discriminates against the immoral economic inequalities between whites and African Americans, to public actions that undermine our democratic unity “.

02.43 – President Trump: army maybe not necessary
“Maybe” it won’t be necessary to send the army to stop the protests triggered by the killing by African American police George Floyd in Minneapolis. American President Donald Trump said this during an interview on Newsmax conducted by its former spokesman Sean Spicer. “It depends. Maybe it won’t help. Even if we have the strong power to do it. The National Guard is a custom and we have a very strong National Guard, “said Trump after saying threatened to resort to the Insurrection Act to use the armed forces against the demonstrators. An approach that Pentagon chief Mark Esper said he did not share. Trump therefore pointed the finger at the “Antifa, anarchists, terrorists and looters” among the protesters, “we have a lot of mob in these groups,” he remarked.

01.07 – Minneapolis: the other three agents involved in prison
All four former agents accused of the murder of George Floyd are now under arrest. The reports it CNN: Aleksander Kueng surrendered spontaneously, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao were charged with “complicity and aiding and abetting for murder” and then taken to prison in the late afternoon, while Derek Chauvin had already been charged with voluntary murder and arrested a few days after the killing Floyd.

01.03 – Walmart removes weapons from shops after looting
The popular chain of emporiums Walmart has decided to remove weapons and ammunition from the sale in some of its stores as a precautionary measure after the looting that occurred in protests for the death of George Floyd.

01.00 am – Former Pentagon chief Mattis: Trump wants to divide the US
Former US Defense Secretary James Mattis breaks the silence and attacks the American president for the response to protests sparked by the death of George Floyd. “Donald Trump is the first president of my life who has not tried to unite the American people, he has not even pretended to try – says the former head of the Pentagon, who had resigned from the Trump administration in December 2018 due to differences policies with the president returning to service in the Marines. «Rather, he tries to divide us. We are seeing the consequences of three years of this deliberate effort. We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership ». Mattis condemned the use of the army against the protests for Floyd’s death, calling the eviction of the crowd in front of the White House “the abuse of executive power” for that “bizarre photo-op” of the President with the Bible in his hand the military leadership, and invited to “reject and recall to their responsibilities those who hold offices and mock our Constitution”.

11.42 pm – Obama’s speech: «Crisis never seen, now the real change. Young people across the country make me optimistic »
Barack Obama spoke publicly tonight about the brutality of police and justice in America, in the wake of protests in dozens of cities over the death of George Floyd at the hands of the police. In an event streamed on the website – “My Brother’s Keeper”, established by the former president in 2014 after the killing of African American teenager Trayvon Martin in Florida – Obama appeared alongside former Attorney General Eric Holder and activists calling for reform of the US police force. “In recent months we have seen more epic events than I have seen in my entire life,” he said. What has happened in recent weeks are the challenges and structural problems in the United States, which have now taken on great significance. They are not only the result of contingent situations, but of one long history of slavery». Obama called on the opportunity to seize the protests over Floyd’s death to “implement reforms”, “achieve real change” and “highlight problems by making people uncomfortable in power and then going to vote.” The former president of the United States said that since the 1960s there is now “a broad coalition, a” greater awareness of iniquities, the involvement of young people who have the power and the talent to make things change. ” ». And it is to the new generations that he turned, saying he wanted to “speak directly to young black men and women in this country. I want you to know that you count. I want you to know that your lives matter, that your dreams count. ” An intervention that then focused on the ongoing problem of the racial bias in the American justice system and how to make significant changes. “Our nation and the world are still in the midst of a global pandemic that has highlighted the vulnerabilities of our health system, but also the different treatment and, consequently, theDifferent impact that exists in our health system». As “difficult, frightening and uncertain” as this historical moment may seem, Obama then said he also felt a sense of hope: “I see what is happening to young people across the country, it makes me feel optimistic. It makes me feel like this country is improving. ” That is why, now and concretely, the reforms must take place at the local level, “in over 19 thousand US Municipalities”, and urged “all the mayors of this country to review policies with members of your communities and to commit to reporting on planned reforms. At some point, the attention goes away – he insisted -. At some point the protests begin to decrease in size. And it is very important for us to take the momentum created as a society, as a country and say “let’s use it to finally have an impact” ». The former president published Monday, in a post on Medium, thoughts and advice on protests taking place across the country, to push for real change: «Protests are right, violence should not be excused. Voting isn’t useless, ”he wrote in support of peaceful demonstrations and condemning violent incidents.

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