George Floyd, Biden at funeral: “The time for racial justice has come”


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WASHINGTON – “America can do better. We cannot once again ignore the racism that continues to sting our soul, that systematic abuse that still represents a plague in America ». The former vice president is speaking Joe Biden, Democratic candidate in the White House, in his video message at the funeral of George Floyd, the African American killed by the Minneapolis police on May 25 and became the symbol of the fight against racism. “Now is the time for racial justice,” Biden urged, particularly to Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter, Gianna, and relaunching the words of the little girl: «Your father changed the world. No child should be forced to ask why his father left. And too many African American children have had to ask for generations. “

Biden was expected at Floyd’s funeral, but later gave up on not “cause organizational inconvenience”. The former vice president he met the Floyd family privately during the vigil in Houston.

Four Democratic MPs have meanwhile developed a bill for limit the powers of the police and prevent abuse across the country. Among the measures there is the abolition of the so-called “chokehold”, the strangulation technique used to block a suspect. Policeman Derek Chauvin showed the world the most chilling version, crushing George with his knee and body weight, for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. The measure would eliminate the protections and privileges that in recent decades have made it very difficult to punish the crimes committed by agents. The initiative started with MP Karen Bass, president of the Congressional Black Caucus, the group of 55 African American Democratic MPs. Senator Kamala Harris also joined, among the favorites for the vice position in the presidential ticket with Biden.

However, many of the demonstrators against Floyd’s death use the phrase as slogan: “Defund the Police”, cut the funds to the police. This sentence has been one of the requests of for years Black Lives Matter, the organization that has given a minimum of structure to the marches of these days, at least in the capital. The idea is not to cancel the police, but to downsize their duties and demilitarize them. And the quickest and most effective way to do this is to cut a part of the budget, allocating it to social services and education. The police departments report to local administrations. TO Minneapolis, after years of failed reforms, the city council is even thinking about dismantling the Police Department, even if the first citizen Jacob Frey is against it. TO New York Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to scissor the budget for law enforcement, amounting to 6 billion dollars, 6% of the total. TO Los Angeles, colleague Eric Garcetti has already announced a $ 150 million reduction. Frey, de Blasio and Garcetti are democrats, as well as 70% of the mayors at the head of the first hundred metropolises. This means that a rift is looming between Washington’s progressives and local leaders. Biden said he was against the Defund the Police line.

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