George Floyd as Aldro, a photo in via Ippodromo


In via Ippodromo, next to the plaque commemorating Federico Aldrovandi, another photo has stood out since yesterday. It’s George Floyd’s. Above the inscription “For George Floyd, for Soumaila Sacko, for social justice”. The initiative was by Potere al Popolo, who wanted to “strive a red thread between our city, our country and the people’s riots that are crossing the United States of America in these days”.

“The death of George Floyd – adds PaP – is a story that combines repression, racism, a question of class. A story that tells us about a system of law enforcement that, in the U.S. as here, do not hesitate to use violence against the weakest and poorest, do not hesitate to use even the most brutal means, do not hesitate to kill. This is why we wanted to leave the manifesto right where Federico died. It is a story that speaks to us of a systematic social, economic and civil discrimination of blacks ”.

This is why “in expressing solidarity with the thousands of blacks, whites and Hispanics who are demonstrating in all the major cities of the United States in these days, we also wanted to remember those in our country who died only for their skin color, such as Soumaila Sacko, Malian laborer and USB trade unionist killed just two years ago in the countryside of San Calogero “.

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