George Floyd, another African American killed by police during the arrest in March: “I can’t breathe”. Video unleashes new protests in the US



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                Even in the case of <strong>Manuel Ellis</strong>, the 33-year-old African American killed on March 3 in <strong>Tacoma</strong> during the arrest, a video appears that shows the responsibilities of officers from the city of Washington state police department. In the movie, released by <strong><em>Tacoma Action Collective</em></strong>, the agents who beat Ellis after having crushed him on the ground and handcuffed on the side of a road are seen. And according to what emerges from the radio communications between the agents and the central, published by the site <em>Broadcastify</em>, he too, like <strong>George Floyd</strong>, before dying he implored the agents with words<em> "I can't breathe"</em>, I can not breathe.
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                                <h3>Usa, policeman immobilizes African American putting his knee on his neck: "Leave me, do not breathe". The arrested person dies suffocated</h3>

The mayor of Tacoma, Victoria Woodards, has asked for the dismissal of the four agents involved underlining that the video released confirms what the county forensics have disclosed in recent days, establishing that Ellis’ death, due to asphyxia, was a murder. “Tonight the family asked why does it always take a video to get people to believe that the life of a black person has been unfairly taken away? As an African American woman, I don’t need a video to believe it, ”Woodards said, asking the district attorney to quickly proceed with the agents involved.


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The coroners of the Pierce County Medical Examiner’s Office They reported that Ellis, who had severe drug addiction problems, had drugs in her system at the time of her death, but determined that it wasn’t these that caused her. The office of the medical examiner – who published his report while protesting on the streets of Tacoma – therefore defined death as murder. At the time of the events, the agents had said that Ellis was in the throes of some sort of violent delusion and he attacked the two policemen who intervened who then called reinforcements trying to calm him down. The four agents involved – two whites, an African American and an Asian – they had been suspended from duty immediately after the facts, but before the publication of the autopsy results they were returned in the department. The governor Jay Inslee has announced that the state will launch an independent investigation into Ellis’ death
“The saddest reality is that George Floyd he’s here in Tacoma, and his name is Manny, “said the lawyer of the Ellis familystating that in the video Ellis is heard shouting “I can not breatheI can’t breathe, as Floyd did. Meanwhile, the Tacoma police union has issued a harsh note in which he attacks the mayor for speaking based on “a short, blurred Twitter video” and stressed that “now is the time for the facts and not the theaters: what is happened to George Floyd in the hands of the police is wrong, Tacoma agents did not assassinate Ellis “.

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