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9.57 am, the first car crosses the new Genoa bridge

At 9.57 this morning the first car crossed the new Genoa bridge. On board the vehicle Pietro Salini, CEO of Webuild, the world leader in the construction of large complex works that built the bridge. Today was the first crossing of a “civil” car on the viaduct that Webuild is completing together with Fincantieri and Italferr in record time.

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“Walking up here today – said Salini – is a unique emotion. It tells all the effort and passion of these months, but it also tells that in Italy great works can be done and can be done in a short time ยป.
Salini, accompanied by other group managers, then crossed the entire 1,067-meter long bridge on foot, stopping to talk to workers, technicians and engineers engaged in the final stages of the work.

Genoa, today the first car on the new bridge

The concrete slab on the bridge, completed in less than two weeks, has now been completed, while photovoltaic panels are installed that will ensure the energy independence of the bridge.

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“They knew from the beginning that this would have been a different work from the others – added Salini – but today what companies and institutions have managed to do in Genoa must serve as an example for the whole country. Italy can start again: it has talents, energy, passion and skills available. And we at Webuild are ready to make our contribution to the reconstruction of the country “.

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Even during the visit, the activities on the deck continued unabated. Objective: to finish the works by the end of July and thus return its bridge to Genoa.

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