General states of the economy, Bonomi and Landini united by mistrust


Distrust, doubts and suspicions mount as the general states of the economy – currently put on the agenda by the government for Thursday – draw closer. Because the big question mark that animates the arguments of Confindustria and the CGIL is not linked to the confused and troubled gestation of Palazzo Chigi, the scuffle between Giuseppe Conte and the Democratic Party, which later evolved in the morning in the green light of Zingaretti to the party management and half-government self-timer at the Farnesina on the occasion of the presentation of the Export Plan. It is something that has to do with the method. The social partners want to have their say, but they also want to get into the decision-making process. Skepticism is all here, that in the end, that is, the general states translate into a catwalk where Conte and his listen and then decide for themselves and independently of the suggestions.

Now, that the General States are thought of as a moment of confrontation between the Government and the categories of the productive world, the Prime Minister thought so and said so. But it is precisely this modality that does not convince those who will be invited to take part in the works. The CGIL will respond when the invitation has been formalized, which has not yet arrived, but is already putting its hands forward. Here is how sources from the Corso Italia union explain the point considered critical: “If you just listen to me, then the general states don’t make sense: I’ll send you a document and go. If instead you listen to me and then decide together, then it’s a whole different story. ” There is a very recent precedent that is indicated as an example of what we hope will not happen: the school decree. Always the same sources: “The government asked for our opinion and then did it alone”. Maurizio Landini’s vision and its impact on the dimension of how, which ultimately ends with the desire to decide together with the Government the contents of the so-called plan for rebirth or reconstruction. What the CGIL still wants is a discussion on how to build a common project for the country, with a spirit along the lines of the great debate that animated Italy before the euro came into force. Another passage of the reasoning is useful to go deeper into what is called a “strong perplexity”: you have to put down commitments, stages, dates. In short, concrete ideas and a time schedule. If this can be a potential point of contact with the Government, which according to at least the stated intentions, wants to make the General States the beginning of a path called to design the post-pandemic at a structural level, leaving the emergency and welfare perspective that has characterized the interventions put in place so far. But the glue is all hanging on a question that is up to the Government itself to resolve and whether or not to widen the perimeter of the decision-making area. In other words, whether to substantiate a social pact by involving the social partners, as well as possibly the oppositions, not only as audited subjects, but as co-decision makers. Or if, on the contrary, the method is only that of listening and thanking for the suggestion. Still the sources say it in a sentence, put in the form of a question: “Does the government want to give up or not?”.

The CGIL will participate in the General States and will do so with a package of proposals. And there will also be the Confindustria of Carlo Bonomi. As the moods that circulate in these hours in the rooms of Viale Astronomy say so. They say: “Let’s see.” Certainly Bonomi is not someone who has hidden his thoughts in terms of relations with the government. And it is with this baggage that he will illustrate the proposals of the industrialists. A bitter baggage for Conte and his friends, who say that so far only announcements have been made and little, very little, in the decrees. No prejudice, however, on the event. The line is that of going to see. What the president of Confindustria will say, according to sources from the association of industrialists, is that Europe is making a mountain of money available to Italy. And that the main lines on which the plan for the rebirth will have to move are the Green deal, industry 4.0 in a long-term logic and the unblocking of construction sites not on the model of the free everyone, but following the examples of Genoa and the Expo . But do construction sites leave or do not leave? Bonomi will ask the government which is struggling to carry out the simplification decree, the one which will contain the rules on public works and investments. The concept that Bonomi will clearly tell the general states is execution. Move from words to deeds. Reminding the Government that the overruns of up to 160% are debt, that the Mes is debt, that part of the Recovery Fund is debt. And for this you have to spend the money, but spend it through an accomplished plan. Spend to grow. But you have to do it quickly.

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