General conditions, great cold in the government


“The general states of the economy are also contested by the majority parties” Mariastella Gelmini has a good say at nightfall, just as Giuseppe Conte at Palazzo Chigi meets the ministers. It is the news of the last few hours, an appetizer of the meetings that should start on Friday, for the most optimistic, “a waste of time, a contentment”, to hear a colonel in the Democratic Party. As long as the situation was hot and there were provisions on which the survival of the Italians depended, the majority parties went in good order behind the premier. On a plate as cold as the meetings conceived by the Prime Minister, all the tensions broke under the carpet in the last three months have exploded.

The Dems are still scalded by the times and ways chosen by Conte. Andrea Marcucci, group leader in the Senate, summarizes it as follows: “It is positive to start a confrontation that must be rapid and thorough with the General States. However, I would like to remind everyone that Parliament is the place where laws are discussed and approved, especially in such a delicate and important phase, not Villa Pamphili. ” There is something that creaks around the people’s lawyer. Nicola Zingaretti continues to repeat incessantly that other schemes do not exist, but the distinctions with the premier are wasted, the coldness with Dario Franceschini does not melt. “We do this useless thing – continues the Colonel of the Nazarene – but then let’s get to work seriously. The emergency forced us to do certain things, and Palazzo Chigi arrived late too, if we don’t move in the fall we will be overwhelmed. ” From the Ministry of Economy, they continue to say that “we know nothing about it”, despite the fact that the MEF should be the pivot of the event, and despite Conte denies tensions with Roberto Gualtieri. Just as, twice, the presidency has denied the phrase reported by some newspapers “there is a piece of state that is rowing against reforms and against the government”, an unsuccessful attempt to stem the suspicions that harbor at Palazzo that a piece of deep you are rowing for a change at the top of the country.

Today Conte met with Ministers Manfredi, Provenzano, Amendola and the heads of delegation Di Maio and Franceschini. Tomorrow the others, perhaps also delegations from the majority, while Vito Crimi started a parallel consultation with his for a package of proposals to bring to the table. Which are not those of Vittorio Colao. Indeed, the 5 stars saw the paper developed by the task force as smoke in the eyes, which also left the Democratic Party cold. Leu, with Nicola Fratoianni, was categorical: “That plan should be left in the drawer”. The Palace is full of poisons, and rumors do not go out that the little hand that spread it has its headquarters in Palazzo Chigi. If so, it was a boomerang. Because everyone’s opposition (except for Italy to live) to the method and the merit of the proposals is making Conte very embarrassed.

To the point that the Colao document “will be one of the starting points” from which to start, and the manager will probably be present to the general states, but the plan will not be presented in its entirety. They say that the prime minister’s intention was to start from a duet with the former CEO of Vodafone. But that after seeing the reactions of the parties of his majority he decided to archive the work of the task force with as little noise as possible. Those who have dealt with the dossier tell of a short circuit: “The task force was to be the equivalent of the technical-scientific committee on the economic side, giving ready-to-apply ideas for the post lockdown. But the relaunch decree was made earlier, and not to mention that the work was useless, it was converted into a long-term analysis that nobody wanted because nobody is willing to accept it. ” Translated: government parties are already fighting over every choice, let alone a third party. “It seems to me that there is a real target shooting going on” comments Anna Maria Bernini, while Matteo Salvini offered his own personal kiss of death on the piano, expressing his liking.

The games in progress on the general states have the long gaze of a majority who struggle to find a square in the post-emergency and who fear for its own survival, with the 5 stars that with the passing of the hours distrust the PD more and more, with the Pd who considers the 5 stars more and more unreliable and with all who suspect Matteo Renzi. “But how can we go on with these if we can’t even decide together who to govern in Ancona?” they ask the Nazarene looking at the possible agreements for the regional crumbling one after the other and remaining clinging to the Ligurian crack.

In this framework of the general states there is still only a vague frame. Oppositions are expected on Friday, which Conte would like to see separately also given the non-hostile line of Forza Italia, a condition that is hardly acceptable for the Salvini-Meloni duo, on Saturday the European day with the possible interventions of von der Leyen, Sassoli and Michel, on Monday the social partners. A rough picture in which the “excellent minds” announced by Conte on 3 June are still not known (“I will gladly go in the case, but still no one has called me”, says one of the papabili “), nor details on the possible continuation of an event that Palazzo Chigi continues to say spread over six or seven days.

But above all the great unknown remains the basic plan, the document and the ideas that the government will bring to the meetings, the platform from which to launch a confrontation. Monday’s discussion with the heads of delegation left everyone unsatisfied. In the evening one of the ministers confessed disconsolate: “We don’t even know who goes to the government, I have not received any invitation or solicitation. We are not starting very well ”.

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