Gemma Galgani comments on Giovanna Abate’s throne, has her say about Davide Basolo and makes a curious comparison about Sammy Hassan


Gemma Galgani thanks to his (dis) sentimental adventures lived in his studies Men and women has now become one of the historical protagonists of the transmission and the attendance with Nicola Vivarelli, his latest conquest, was no exception in sparking heated controversy because of their important age difference.

To live together with Galgani this second part of the season of the program, and in particular the new format designed specifically to be able to air even during the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus, there has been Giovanna Abate who together with the Turin lady brought her throne forward in a new way.

Thanks to the forced cohabitation required to register the new format, the Abbot is Gem they have established a special friendship which gave strength to both in moments of weakness. To reveal a few more details about their particular bond was Gem to the pages of magazine of Men and women:

I still remember the first meeting with perfection Giovanna in the parking lot of the studios which at the time, given the situation of Italy at that time, was surrounded by a surreal silence. It was the first time I saw it Giovanna with in his arms all the things he would have brought to the “cottage” – his Linus covers – that we made the first very strong emotional contact just by looking at each other. Then, when at the end of one of the first episodes of the new format Giovanna is Sammy they had undergone a discussion I immediately instinctively wanted to protect it. I remember the coffee we had after the registration and that empathy that immediately arose, because at that moment I was the only one who understood that she was suffering mainly because she felt excluded from the life of Sammy. From then on a kind of magic started and we started to understand each other, understand each other, even with just a glance.

There Galgani then he revealed that he had experienced the emotions of Giovanna related to his path towards choice while maintaining, however, a certain veil of confidentiality:

Giovanna and I have been very close for months, but we have always been discreet among us, reserved. […] We did not want a sentence or advice given at the wrong time to compromise our paths. I never asked Giovanna of Sammy you hate David and she never asked me to Nicola. Do you think I knew nothing of the choice of Giovanna, who would have chosen, until the moment I lived in the studio. […] I had understood a little from the eyes of Giovanna, from his happiness in the pre-chosen moments.

Just about the choice of tronista – fallout on Sammy Gem made a particular comparison that did not go unnoticed:

I have a lot of sympathy for Sammy, reminds me a lot George (Manetti, ed) as a type of character: he is a man capable of making a woman tribulate. In them I see me and George even in this remote story that was born (Giovanna lives in Rome and Sammy in Milan, editor’s note), a bit similar to what I experienced between Turin and Florence. Of Sammy I liked the way of doing a little provocative, so much so that even with Nicola I defended him when he showed up outside Giovanna is David, because watching that moment on the screen my heart captured that action by translating it into a gesture of love. A perhaps blatant gesture which however had the sole purpose of attracting the attention of Giovanna. […] At the beginning – always with extreme discretion – I tried to warn Giovanna from that Sammy”That made her heart beat so much, because I didn’t feel the same interest in him and I wanted to protect her from the notorious sentimental disappointments that we all know how bad they hurt. But then I changed my mind.

If the lady said she was happy for the epilogue of the experience of the “colleague” a Men and women, he took the opportunity to have his say on Davide Basolo, the suitor who for several weeks hid behind the mysterious mask of theAlchemist: “They are for playing cards face up in love while David had the advantage of wearing a mask and therefore that of being able to whet the curiosity of Giovanna“. Just about the possibility of undertaking a knowledge similar to that occurred between Giovanna and the Basolo, Gem she said she was rather doubtful:

I don’t think it would have intrigued me too much, if not at the beginning. When the new format started I was ready to meet men only and exclusively through their words and therefore without being able to see them. David however, in my opinion, he kept the mask on for too long: if a person had done it with me, I would probably have gone into confusion, I would not have been able to understand if my emotions were the result of curiosity only or if I actually tried them in virtue of the essence of my suitor. I then need to see the expressions of those in front of me, the look. I need at some point to be sent more than feelings and words. So a masked knight might have teased me, but then I wouldn’t have been able to interact with a man without a face all that time.

Finally the Galgani also wanted to reply to whom, how Giulio Raselli, he defined Giovanna “the new Gem“:

Giovanna he believes in love exactly like me and living this path of choice together has done nothing but confirm it day after day. Like me, Giovanna out of love she is also willing to go against everything and everyone: she and I only listen to our heart, because the heart knows no reason. This is exactly what I do. As I did with George and how I still do it every time.

And what do you think of the words of Gem?

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