Gemma and Sirius protagonists? Bisciglia reveals everything


After Men and Women finally revealed the mystery about the participation of Sirius and Gemma in Temptation Island: the conductor tells it

From Men and women on Temptation Island is the step so short? For some couples it was: for example we allude to Ida platano and Riccardo Guarnieri or Ursula Bennardo and Sossio Aruta, who fell in love in the studios of Maria De Filippo is they put themselves to the test at Temptation (both broke up after the broadcast, only to find themselves later).

It will not be as short for Gemma Galgani and Nicola Vivarelli, aka Sirius, which, according to the words of the conductor of the trip in the feelings departing on Canale 5, would be very far from the beaches of Sardinia.

Sirius and Gemma, no temptation …

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During an interview, Filippo Bisceglia he recalled that to be able to participate in the transmission it is essential to be a couple. And at the moment Nicola and Gemma are not. For this the former Big Brother competitor he feels to exclude their participation.

With he was unbalanced and when asked about the possible involvement of the “grandmother” and “grandchild”, as he ironically addressed them the exuberant Tina Cipollari, commentator of the dating conducted by Maria De Filippi, he replied: “Couples participate in Temptation Island. I don’t think Gemma and Nicola are. ”

It is hunting for the third VIP couple of Temptation

Hello temptation Island

In short, the chapter would seem to be closed. Filippo however confirmed that six couples will participate in the program and that this year the edition, due to the coronavirus that made everything extremely more complex, will see famous couples together with very normal people.

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At the moment we already know two famous couples: on the official website of the reality show, those formed by were presented Antonella Elia with her boyfriend Pietro Delle Piane and from the former Miss Italy Manila Nazzaro and his partner Lorenzo Amoruso).


Assuming that since there are six couples in play, three will be VIP and three will not, the whole bet on the third celebrity has naturally started. There are those who argue that the third couple may be made up of another “old” (so to speak) knowledge of men and women, or rather two: Giovanna Abate and Sammy Hassan, which was formed about three weeks ago. On them, in the interview, the conductor was not as categorical as with Sirius and Galgani. We keep you informed.

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