Gaza: Hamas, against annexation ‘we will use all means’ – the last hour


(ANSAmed) – GAZA, JUNE 28 – Hamas intends to appeal “to
all the means at his disposal “to make projects fail
Israelis annexing parts of the West Bank. It has
stated on the web Mussa Abu Marzuk, one of its leaders. Today
a major coordination meeting was held in Gaza
political factions of the Strip. Executives attended
Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front and the Front
Democrat for the Liberation of Palestine and the Committees of
popular resistance. The common message of the participants,
according to local press sources, is that Israel’s policy for
West Bank affects all Palestinians without distinction, Gaza
included. Meanwhile, a film has appeared on social networks, in
Hebrew and Arabic, which shows large rocket launches from Gaza
to Israel. “We will show you our power,” they warn
the authors. On Friday two rockets were fired from Gaza
Israel, where they exploded without causing victims or damage though
forced the inhabitants of the town of Sderot to run
to the shelters. The perpetrators of the attack are not yet known.

(ANSAmed). (HANDLE).


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