Gattuso: “I feel inside this victory! I massacred my staff. I thank De Laurentiis”


Napoli coach Gennaro Gattuso spoke at the press conference after his success in the Coppa Italia final.

Gennaro GattusoNapoli coach spoke at the press conference after the victory against Juventus. “We did all the stages well. In the non-possession stage we went very well. I saw a great team. What does this victory mean? A lot of stuff. I feel inside this victory, I know the difficulties where we started from and I think there is we deserve it. I have to thank the president and all those people who gave me the opportunity to coach this team. “

Gattuso continued: “De Laurentiis? There is a very good relationship with the president and the team also has a lot of respect for him. I must also thank all the members of my staff who massacre making them work 18 hours a day. Thanks also to all employees and warehouse workers and to all those people who leave nothing to chance. Can this victory be the beginning of a cycle? We talk to the manager and the president every day about the team and what we have is a great team. We have to understand who we have next season, but I think 70% of the players we have will remain. Now we will play every three days and we will have to make room for everyone. Thinking only about 13-14 players is not possible. I have already prepared everyone that there will be space in the next few days “.

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