Gattuso Francesca’s sister, the drama and the memory of Rino


BUSTO ARSIZIO (VARESE) The strong temper gave her hope, even in the most complicated moments. The love for the family, the visceral and typical love of a Southern woman, made her the ordeal of the disease much more difficult. The thought of her brother Rino, a strong and decisive man as she was, reassured her: he who always knows how to manage difficulties.

Francesca Gattuso she died yesterday morning in the hospital in Busto Arsizio and Rino was in Naples, ready for daily training. The drama lived almost live with mom on the phone, clenched fists and tears. To his historical collaborator Gigi Riccio left the team before running away. The excruciating pain on the face for terrible news. He knew that sooner or later it would happen: for a couple of days his sister had been sedated in the intensive care unit of the hospital in Busto, but such mourning is never as you can imagine. Running to take his wife Monica home and then drive by car to Gallarate. Francesca was 37 years old and despite the disease with which she lived since 2017 (a particularly aggressive form of diabetes) she never stopped being strong and courageous. And to carve out a few spaces in which to cry, probably even despair, far from affections. Because he didn’t want any sad faces around, rather when his health conditions allowed him, he tried to resume his work in the family business in Gallarate, even just on the phone. She wanted to continue being a mother for her little five-year-old Alessandro.

At her bedside there were always mother Costanza and her husband Marco, married in 2013. Yesterday evening Rino and the other sister Ida who lives in Calabria arrived. The funeral chamber will be set up today in Gallarate, Francesca will stay there until tomorrow at 12.30. The body will be transferred to Calabria and the funeral will take place in Corigliano on Friday. Because Francesca wanted to return to her homeland, to take back those roots that made her so strong despite the fact that life, at a certain point, got so wrong. Diabetes diagnosed in 2017, the first treatments and the hope that the disease could be managed. Instead, it was an impervious climb until February of this year, when she underwent a delicate surgery.

Rino Gattuso that day is in Genoa with Napoli: not even the time to enjoy the victory against Sampdoria, and he slips by car to reach Francesca. “She is a warrior, a fighter”, he always repeated to those who asked him about his health. Without ever dwelling on a very private affair on which the family has chosen maximum privacy. The news of Francesca’s death moved the whole world of football, on the social fans of many teams they sent messages of condolence to the Napoli coach. While all clubs have published messages on institutional profiles.

The president Aurelio De Laurentiis was particularly close to him, as well as all the Milan managers, a second home for Gattuso. Francesca had worked at medical secretariat of the AC Milan club with Rodolfo Tavana for 14 years. The club’s former social doctor inquired about her condition with colleague Ildo Scandroglio who has followed her in recent months. «A pleasure to work with Francesca – he said -. With suppliers it was a hammer, it had the same character as Rino. I cried for a long time when I learned that he hadn’t made it. ” Dismay and great sadness in the Napoli home, the training continued yesterday morning in a surreal atmosphere. The silence interrupted by the deputy Gigi Riccio: «Come on, run. Rino wants it like that ». With death in the heart.

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