Gattuso and the background on Oddo: “I put a fork in his thigh”


NAPLES – Two days after the victory in the Italian Cup, Rino Gattuso confesses to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli: “In the final with Juventus the team grew – explains the Napoli coach – the team was well headed and this gives us hope for the championship. As a player, when I won a trophy, I was already thinking about what I should have done the next day and I still have this defect. In football we must always find ourselves ready, we need our heads free, we have the duty to make the next 12 games in the best possible way“.

Gattuso and the relationship with the team

Gattuso’s thoughts are already on the championship: “On Tuesday we already have a team like Verona that can put us in great difficulty. I really liked that the team told me to bring the cup home, it’s a team that has always respected me from day one. The important thing is that a member of my staff is not touched and they are impeccable on this. I have seen a team that has worked since the first day, I am their friend, but they are their team worst enemy and they know it. When training ends with them I can do anything and they know it. I don’t hold a grudge, I’m like this, when a player makes a mistake, the next day is another day, without problems “.

The fork in Oddo’s thigh

What is special about me? Surely many times I have no hair on the tongue, what I think I say, I think people like my spontaneity, I only play on a table, bread with bread and wine with wine even if someone can be bad about it. With Oddo we were the night before the match against Manchester, there were Pirlo, Nesta, he liked to joke. Order ice cream, he knew I was losing my mind, he did it on purpose, ice cream with umbrella as if he were at the sea, he ate it and looked at me, I told him to stop, I threw him a fork, he remained in his thigh, he likes to joke, but on the pitch he went at 2 thousand per hour“.

Naples, fourth place goal

Humility? I built my football career there – continues Gattuso – as a coach I shot, I wanted to learn the trade, I made difficult choices. There is always something to learn, it is a job in which there are many new things every day, you need the humility to stand there and watch when something new is true. If the new mission is to try to get to fourth place? I don’t know, Atalanta also has a match to recover, we have to think about improving our game, at this moment the team must improve on the aspect of putting a little higher pressure on goal, dribbling in a certain way , the goal at the moment is this “.

Gattuso: “We play with Barcelona”

Champions League match in August with the Barcelona? On our part there is the awareness of facing a team stronger than us, but we have to get there in the best possible way physically and mentally. We go to play, on vacation we hope to go as late as possible. Lippi’s words? We felt when I was in difficulty, he is a point of reference for how he managed the team, human resources, I get very close to how he managed the national team, for me he is truly a point of reference, in times of difficulty I think about how he acted and the decisions he made, I am happy with his words, I appreciate him very much“.

Gattuso and the death of his sister

On the recent death of his sister Francesca, after a long illness, Gattuso says: “You are never ready, I had an incredible relationship with my sister, I was very close, we lived close together, where I lived for years, has suffered over the years, but the hardest thing is to see the embrace of the parents, I have two children, I know how it feels, you have to continue. She is fine up there, one day we will all meet together and have a chat“.

Gattuso to Napoli fans: “Sing me suddenly one day”

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