Gascoigne: “I at Juve? Here’s what the president said to me”


TORINO – Former England and Lazio striker Paul Gascoigne, in the new Harry Harris book, Italy ’90 Revisited – The stories of the players, operate the time machine and return to those days 30 years ago when Bobby’s English expedition Robson was engaged in World Italian. Moments that Magpie remember how among the best of his career. “I loved it from the moment I got on that plane – reveals Gascoigne -. I wanted to play the World Cup, every player’s dream. But I felt like going on vacation, I played tennis, ping-pong. I savored every minute of it “.

Gascoigne and the surreal conversation with Maradona

Gascoigne and the anecdote about Italia ’90 and the fury of Bobby Robson

Just the night before the semifinal against Germany, then lost on penalties, Magpie raged then-coach Bobby Robson playing tennis until one in the morning. “I was on the pitch and I could hear this gruff voice shouting ‘Magpie, Magpie’. I thought ‘C ****, now I’m in trouble’ – recalls Gascoigne -. The coach would have knocked on my door if he thought it was too late to play tennis. I had told Chris Waddle, while I was with him, that if he heard a knock on the door, it would certainly be Bobby Robson and tell him I was sleeping. He did so and asked: ‘Magpie, where is he? Chris replied, ‘He’s sleeping, boss.’ ‘Sleep, sleep? I’ve been told he has played tennis in the past two hours! ‘”. Gascoigne then recalls that, before taking the field against the German team, the president of the stadium stopped him Juve Giampiero Boniperti, who promised him: “Go to Rome and then I’ll take you to Juve”.

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