Garfagnana, rain and damage. Barga: part of the wall of the cathedral’s prisons falls / VIDEO


Garfagnana (Lucca), 4 June 2020 – The wave of bad weather who is investing the Mediavalle and the Countryside it is causing many concerns about the level of the rivers, the strength of the water and some landslides. TO Fornovolasco (municipality of Fabbriche di Vergemoli) two landslides ended up on the road leading to Gallicano. In the same Gallicano the situation is difficult as evidenced by the dramatic video by Elisa Iacomini, with request for help, from the FB page North West Tuscany Weather

The FB Meteo North West Tuscany page also reports that they have fallen “up to 190 mm of rain in Barga, Fabbriche di Valico and Fornovolasco, 150 of which fell in the last 2-3 hours “. The storm seems to have subsided, but a night of anxiety and concern looms for the inhabitants of the area.

Part of the wall of the old prisons of the Duomo has fallen in Barga. The boulders have fallen on the street and one has been found tragedy touched. Problems in many locations for electric light, many interventions Enel, Mercy and Civil Protection teams are also in action.

The situation is also difficult Cardoso as seen in this video always from page FB Meteo North West Tuscany created by Giulia Garbati.

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