Game rooms, betting and Bingo: it’s time to reopen


The first Regions issue ordinances to restart the game

Campania, Tuscany and Molise are the three regions that have already “mobilized” to reopen the arcades, betting and Bingo. Immediately after the approval by the Conference of the Regions of the guidelines for the reopening of gaming rooms, closed since March 8, the Campania, Tuscany and Molise Region have drawn up new ordinances to follow the restarts.

The President of Campania, De Luca, gave a mandate to the Regional Crisis Unit to draw up a protocol with the measures for the reopening of the rooms which it foresees for the June 15.

Last night was the turn instead of the Tuscany region, which, through an ordinance of President Enrico Rossi, ordered the reopening of the theaters starting from June 13. The Region, “taking into account the guidelines of the Conference of the Regions” and considering the positive trend of the epidemiological framework of Tuscany states that “starting from June 13th, bingo rooms, slot rooms, game rooms, bingo rooms and halls can be reopened betting”.

The order of the Molise which even anticipates, with immediate execution, the transposition of the guidelines for the reopening of a series of commercial activities, including game rooms, slot rooms, bingo and betting rooms.

The new DPCM

The day should arrive on new DPCM which, in addition to predicting the final of the Coppa Italia tomorrow evening, should, according to what Agimeg learned, be expected to reopen the betting, bingo and slot rooms. Three possible scenarios: reopening of all theaters on June 12; reopening tomorrow for the betting rooms only and June 15th for the others; reopening of all theaters on June 15th.

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