Galaxy Fold Lite, here is the first economic folding


Samsung Galaxy Fold Lite may be the company’s first inexpensive folding smartphone. There is talk of a price list that will start at 1000 euros and could arrive at the end of the year.

The indiscretions show a medium range technical data sheet, but with all the latest technologies applied to the folding display.

To reveal the latest information is SamMobile, the same source he had revealed rumors about the second generation of the smartphone. The noise tells us how the folding device is under test and should arrive at the end of the year or at the beginning of the next at the latest.

Samsung has noticed that the problem of the spread of folding smartphones is the price and, as for the latest top of the range smartphones, it is producing the Lite versions of the same, so as to have a larger user base. Despite being slightly lower (especially in the photographic field), the Lite versions are up to the needs of the vast majority of users.

The same goes for Galaxy Fold Lite which should cut its final price by more than half. Clearly he will also have to make sacrifices and these will likely include sectors such as photography, performance and materials. It will also be smaller – which isn’t necessarily bad – and will have a larger external display.

The price of the Galaxy Fold Lite will be around 1000 euros and will not arrive concurrently with the presentation of the Galaxy Note 20 family and Galaxy Z Flip 5G in August.

The move to cut the price of these new technologies is correct, especially to get closer to users who would like but cannot.

Did you know that with the Galaxy Note 10 Lite you can have all the latest S Pen functions? You find it here.

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