Gae annual update, Decree ready. Anief: timing too short to insert reserve pursuant to law 68/99


press release – The draft Ministerial Decree that will regulate the annual update of the Exhaustion Rankings was presented today to the most representative unions and Anief was present with a delegation made up of the Secretary General Chiara Cozzetto and Daniela Rosano.

As every year, in fact, the teachers included in GaE will be able to declare, if not previously declared, the achievement of the specialization title on support, the differentiated teaching specializations (such as the Montessori specialization) and the possession of the necessary requirements to benefit from the ” reserve ”of the post according to Law 68/1999.

“The timescales provided by the Ministry in the draft that has been presented to us – comments Marcello Pacifico, national president of Anief – seem too narrow given the health emergency that we have experienced in recent months. This is not a good thing and workers’ rights are being compressed ”.

“The last annual window of updating of these titles of precedence and specialization, – recalls the delegate Daniela Rosano – is that of 2018, since in 2019 the GaE have been directly updated, and the annual decree provided for timing for the application from June 21 to July 9, 2018

Reducing these terms, as the Ministry has foreseen, right now, there is indeed an inconsistency. We expect the Ministry to take into account our express request “.

The Anief delegation who met Dr. Valentina Alonso, director of the recruitment and teaching staff of the Ministry of Education, has in fact highlighted that concluding the updating operations through the annual window is obviously an indispensable operation for the purposes of the next immissions in the role, but this does not mean that the workers must pay the consequences.

“To benefit from the reserve of the place referred to in Law 68/99 – explains President Anief Pacifico – for example, the legal requirements must be met within the deadline for submitting applications, which according to what the Ministry envisages could be the next 3 July, but we must not forget that due to the health emergency, the medical-legal visits to the presence for the ascertainment of civil invalidity, civil blindness, deafness, handicap and disability were suspended and that in any case all the activities of the competent Medical Commissions have been slowed down. ”

The Anief delegation therefore asked the Ministry expressly to take account of this problem: “We also highlighted that those who have a contract expiring on 30 June – explains delegate Chiara Cozzetto – to update the registration for the targeted placement or to perform it for the first time, it must have an adequate number of days to carry out this procedure especially in this very particular moment, a handful of days is not enough “.

The Ministerial Decree will be published in the next few days, “Our union – Pacific concluded – hopes that the rights of workers, especially the beneficiaries of the legal reserves for targeted placement, will not be compressed and that, while understanding the need to conclude operations as soon as possible, take into account what we have reported “.

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