Furia Sarri on Barcelona: “Pjanic is still mine”


TORINO – Want to escape. How quickly the prospects in football change: after seeing the second seasonal trophy fade away, with the Italian cup flown to Naples, the Juve she had plunged back into the championship race full of questions, doubts and tensions. And instead, a few days later, here is the convincing victory of Bologna and the stops of Lazio and Inter which allowed to increase the advantage in the ranking over the direct competitors for the title. It could be the moment of the definitive turning point, provided that the good feelings against Lecce are confirmed this evening. The bianconeri can give another break and go beyond the +4 on the team of Inzaghi and the +8 on the Nerazzurri of With you, waiting for the opponents’ commitments over the weekend. Maurizio Sarri however he does not want to hear these speeches: «We have to look little on the results of others and much on ours. And also to the performances, which in the long run also bring us the results – it is recommended -. We don’t have an advantage that can be considered substantial; there are 33 points up for grabs and we must want points in all games. We must concentrate only and exclusively on Lecce without making tables, accounts and various stories ». Nor to be distracted by the market and business Pjanic-Arthur. So much so that Sarri attacks: «Arthur is a Barcelona player, it would seem bad if I started talking about it. I didn’t like it when the Barcelona manager spoke about Pjanic, who is a player of mine. “

“Arthur at Juve, that’s why he changed his mind”


It is the moment of concreteness, therefore, one cannot derogate from victory. «Right now the matches are all difficult – continues the technician -, the situation is complicated for everyone. The commitments are close and the condition is not perfect. You have to be good at the approach, without being superficial or presumptuous “. The Commander starts from the flashes of true Juve seen in the first 70 minutes of the post championship debut Covid: Ronaldo is Dybala again protagonists, the defense that has not scored goals from four consecutive games (never happened so far in the season) and the physical brilliance which, slowly, manifests itself. “The positive aspect was the approach to the second half: despite the double advantage, we returned to the field to end the game, without making calculations. In the final twenty minutes I liked the desire to fight; less, however, the mentality: I would have preferred a different management of the result, going to dribble differently in the opposing half of the field ». This will also satisfy the perfectionist technician. «I have always seen the legs at the disposal of the brain and not vice versa. The motivational aspect will be fundamental in this period in which the condition is not optimal for anyone. You can grow, but up to a certain point, so motivations can make a difference ».[…]

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