Funeral Floyd, the granddaughter: America has never been great. Biden: now racial justice


In Texas, during the last farewell to the 46-year-old African American, the man’s young granddaughter sends a strong message, criticizing Trump’s slogan: “Someone says Make America Great Again, but when ever America was great!”. Democratic candidate Joe Biden: “The United States cannot once again ignore the racism that continues to sting our souls”

“Someone says Make America Great Again, but when ever America has been great!”. The scream of Brooke Williams, George Floyd’s young nephew, rises in The Fountain Praise Church in Houston, during the last greeting at the 46-year-old African American died during an arrest (PHOTO). “Enough hate crimes, please, enough! Because the system must be so bad and corrupt, justice must be done, “added the young woman, recalling that none of the agents involved in the death of her uncle showed signs of repentance. But during the last greeting to Floyd he intervened, with a video message, former Vice President and now Democratic candidate for the White House, Joe Biden, too: “It’s time for racial justice,” he urged.

Brooke Williams, George Floyd’s granddaughter during the celebrations in Houston, June 9, 2020 – © Getty

Biden: “USA can’t ignore the stinging soul that stings”


Death George Floyd, White House wall becomes a memorial. PHOTO

“The United States cannot once again ignore the racism that continues to sting our soul, that systematic abuse that still represents a plague in America,” added Biden. The former American vice president especially remembered the daughter of George Floyd, Gianna, 6 years old: “No child should be forced to ask why his father left. And too many African American children have had to ask for generations. ”

funeral floyd
Joe Biden’s video message – © Getty

Last farewell for Floyd in Houston


George Floyd, Will Smith: “A blood-red river has always flowed”

The farewell to George Floyd, after days of commemoration, was held in his Houston, Texas, where thousands flocked in for the last farewell to the ‘good giant’, Big Floyd as his friends affectionately called him. Then the burial next to his mother, who died in 2018. During the funeral ceremony, many relatives and friends of Floyd wore a mask with the man’s face. Others, on the other hand, showed the words “I can’t breathe”, “I can’t breathe”, the phrase the 46-year-old pronounced during the attack on the sanitary devices.

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