From TV money to 65 million for Tonali. It is Cellino show, also against Lotito


Massimo Cellino has it for everyone in his interview with The Gazzetta dello Sport. The president does not make any discounts for anyone, starting from Claudio Lotito, considered almost the master of Serie A, since he also answers when the question goes to the president of Lega Serie A, Paolo Dal Pino, however considered a good person with ideas and personality. And he judges the clash with the TV stations because someone had promised clashes.

ALL ABOUT TONALI – The president of Brescia then spoke of the midfielder, chased by almost all the big names and with Barcelona who had proposed 65 million euros for the 2000 class card. Probably the situation will be resolved in favor of an Italian, between Juventus and Inter.

BALOTELLI ALSO IN THE SIGHT – His idea seems clear to everyone for a few days now. Because for Cellino, Balotelli is a lost bet and he hopes that he will not have to go to termination. Meanwhile, the center forward is not yet out of the team, because an official communication has not arrived and he has returned to training.


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