From the end of June it will be possible to go to Greece – World


“Minister Di Maio updated me on the data in Italy that had clearly improved. Greece will gradually remove all restrictions on Italy from next Monday, until the end of the month. I express the feelings of solidarity from the Greek people to the Italian people, “said Greek Foreign Minister Dendias at a press conference in Athens with Minister Di Maio.

“I am happy that my friend Dendias reassured me that Greece will certainly open to Italy by the end of the month, eliminating any type of blockade and quarantine obligation for Italians with the commitment to evaluate, based on the data , a reopening already in the coming weeks “, the words of the Farnesina owner.

In the EU, “uniform rules and criteria for mobility” are needed, in order “not to fragment the tourism market”, Di Maio underlined: “Any agreements between countries are not a solution”, he stressed.


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