From the Church and the ‘extinction of the Chinese’: “I don’t take anything back”





From the Church and the 'extinction of the Chinese': I don't take anything back

(by Alisa Toaff)

Social storm against Rita Dalla Chiesa after some of his externations put black on white on twitter in which he speaks of the “extinction” of the Chinese. The former host of ‘Forum’, who has always been a fervent animal rights activist, after posting an article in ‘Il Fatto Quotidiano’ entitled ‘China, the Yuli dog meat festival starts: thousands of slaughtered animals’, has not been able to and wrote: “It is a mortal sin to want the extinction of the Chinese people ??????? ”.

An outburst that has not gone unnoticed by the people of the web and that has sparked numerous criticisms among its followers: “ Wanting the extinction of a people is called genocide … It would be enough to wish and ask that these practices be prohibited ”, the points out a user. ” Indians should want the same thing as us because we eat cows and Arabs the same because we eat pigs. Be patient, but certain statements would be best avoided, ” writes another of his many fans. But General Dalla Chiesa’s daughter, contacted by Adnkronos, urges: “I don’t take anything back – he underlines – even though I know that there are many activists in China who try to avoid this genocide this thing is no longer acceptable!”

“I have seen photos on twitter – he adds – that are horrifying! We are all going to protest under the Chinese Embassy and under the consulates. This type of demonstration should not be allowed in a civil society also because they (the Chinese, ed) had said they would have suspended her. ”

” Mine (the tweet, ed) is a provocation – adds Dalla Chiesa – is a question. Then, if they don’t understand it, worse for them! We have to mess up. With what they combined then – he says with evident reference to the management of the first phase of the Covid-19 epidemic – they just have to shut up! That they attacked me, I can’t care less! ”, He concludes in Roman.

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